• L. Dustin Twede

A Walk in the...Estuary

My wife and I enjoy going for nature walks and hikes. Yesterday, we went to Spencer Island, which is part of a larger area known as the Snohomish River Estuary just east of Everett, Washington. The mix of saltwater from Possession Sound and fresh water from the Snohomish River create a unique ecosystem, making it one of the best birding spots in Puget Sound area.

The bizarre thing about Spencer Island is that half of the island (the south half) is a wildlife sanctuary owned by Snohomish County, and the north half is owned by the Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife. And during hunting season, you can hunt on the north side of the island.

So if you're a waterfowl, or you have friends that are, be sure not to cross the unmarked equator from the south side to the north side during hunting season.

I hope you enjoy the photographs (note: although the copyright shows 2018, these were taken yesterday. Someone needs to update his photo SW).

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