• L. Dustin Twede

USS Constitution (Old Ironside)

I took these photos of the USS Constitution at the Charleston Navy Yard, Boston National Historical Park during our October New England trip. The USS Constitution was built in Boston, and launched in 1797. Named by George Washington, it is the oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat. It has a crew of 60 active-duty navy officers and sailors. There is also a very nice museum at the yard as well. This turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip for me. There has been a lot of restoration work done over the years, decades, and centuries. Some very significant. While we were touring the ship, a sailor stated that 15% of the ship is still original. The ship has four decks; the Top Deck, Gun Deck, Berth Deck, and Orlop Deck. The Top Deck, the Gun Deck, and the Berth Deck were accessible.

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