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Two Photographs

Some time in the early 1980’s, my parents, who lived in the Pacific Northwest, took a trip to New England. I don’t recall all of the places they visited on that vacation. It’s been too many years. But I now know one place they visited.

Last month, my wife and I, who live in the Pacific Northwest, took a trip to New England. One of the first places we visited after picking up our rental car at the airport was a small coastal village called Rockport, which is part of Cape Ann in Massachusetts. The day we visited, there were very few of us tourists getting in each other’s way. The town itself was definitely touristy, but having fallen prey to tourist traps in the past, I would not use that label to describe Rockport.

As an avid photographer, my primary purpose for adding Rockport to our itinerary was the seascapes, primarily Back Harbor, and Rockport Harbor. The photograph directly below is one I took of the fish shack in Rockport Harbor. I‘m not certain, but I believe there must be a town ordinance that everyone visiting Rockport is required to take a minimum of one photograph of this picturesque seascape.

When my dad passed away several years ago, one of the items that was handed down to me was all of his photographs and slides. Given the sheer volume of that collection, I think it’s accurate to say that my dad was also an avid photographer. Today, as I was going through some of his old photographs, I came across this photo that he took of the fish shack in Rockport Harbor (see below).

I confess that there are times when I see something or think of something that reminds me of my dad, I still get weepy. The same phenomenon occurs when a memory of my mom shows up unannounced.

When looking at these two photographs, what really hit me hard was the following realization. When I was taking my photograph of the fish shack, in Rockport Harbor, in picturesque Rockport, I was probably standing within 10 – 15 feet from where my father stood approximately 35 years earlier while taking a similar photograph of the same fish shack, in the same harbor, in the same picturesque town.

Miss you dad

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