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A Bridge Called Neil


I was about to protest when the wolf gently nuzzled her head against mine.

“It is not happenstance that brought us all here.  You must realize that.”

“What brought us here?” I asked.

“The same purpose that brought this child here. Providence.”

                                                   -As told by Marigold (dog)     


      Neil heard voices.  He was told to ignore them and they would go away on their own.  They didn’t.  Eventually, Neil discovered that the voices he heard were animals trying to communicate with him. 

      Both humans and animals celebrated Neil’s amazing gift.  But to Neil, expectations from both, often made the gift feel more like a curse.   Especially after a tragic incident that made Neil question whether or not there was such a thing as providence. 


     A Bridge Called Neil is a poignant story about a young man struggling with who he wanted to be versus who he was expected to be.  Only to discover, he was both.  

A bridge connects two sides that up to that point were divided 


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