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Now Available!   The Unbeatables; The Autobiography of Strongman

The Unbeatables -
The Autobiography of Strongman


New York City was being systematically crippled by crimes committed in a very organized fashion.  Communities and neighborhoods were paralyzed with fear.  Just when all hope seemed lost, the tide turned.  Rumors spread about a group of renegade crime fighters with extraordinary powers.  They called themselves, The Unbeatables.  Henry Fleming (Strongman) was their leader.  They were superhero pioneers.  No flashy names.  No dazzling uniforms.

     As a result of their heroic efforts, The Unbeatables introduced Genvars (Genetic Variations) to a skeptical world that up to that point considered the occasional grainy video footage of someone displaying abnormal powers to be nothing more than a hoax.  Soon, more Genvars came out of hiding.  But their assimilation into society was met with resistance and trepidation.  Civil unrest was threatening the very foundation of the country.  The government held controversial hearings to deal with the fear and unrest that was crippling the country.  Genvars desperately needed a leader to unite and represent them.  They wanted Strongman.

            Through his own chronological narrative, Henry Fleming gives us an unabashed accounting of his extraordinary life.  Whether it’s the searing pain of a broken heart, the unapologetic dispensing of justice, or his lifelong search for the answer to the same question we each ask ourselves.  Why Am I here?

 "Sometimes it’s not who we think we are that matters as much as who other people believe we are."
                                                        Henry Fleming