My name is Henry Fleming (Strongman), and I’d like to introduce you to my good friend, and the author of my Autobiographical novel.  His name is L. Dustin Twede. 

Dustin was born in Bellevue, Washington and never found a reason to leave.  He married Lady Debby (a transplant from California) and they produced a son and a daughter (both of who grew up in the blink of an eye).  Dustin and Debby currently have one canine and several demanding felines.   Dustin recently retired from a large aerospace company where he spent most of his career as a project/program manager. 

Dustin and Lady Debby love living in the Pacific Northwest, and try to take advantage of all the outdoor activities the region has to offer.   They also enjoy traveling, from regional destinations to Europe.  Besides writing, Dustin has been an avid photographer since receiving a Kodak 110 camera from Santa when he was a kid.  You can see some of his photographs on Etsy as well as Flickr.  


 Dustin wrote his first full-length novel (11 hand-written, double-spaced pages) when he was nine years old (technically, it’s still in rewrite).  He has also written poems, essays, stage plays, and screenplays. 


But I’m here to promote The Unbeatables; The Autobiography of Strongman.  Unfortunately, since I’m a fictional character, and the novel is about me, I’m not very impartial.   So I strongly encourage you to read the Amazon reviews. 

Respectfully, Henry Fleming


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